Chapter 1: Meetings at Bronsdale

Adventure Date:

10th Kaldmont 1002

Adventure Location:

Bronsdale, Darokin




In this adventure our heroes Pippin, Durgin, Kudan, Falamar, not forgetting Falamar's faithful wolf White Fang, were joined by the young mage Don Pascal.

On a snowy morning a caravan is attacked by orcs and the heroes risked their lives to rescue the caravan crew from the evil humanoids. Pippin showed several brave solo attacks on orc snipers using his tricksy rogue skills.

Pippin and Falamar showed much disdain towards Pascal neither appear to like magic or magic users.
Durgin saved Pascal's live after the wizard was shot by an orc sniper.

Pippin repeatedly failed to climb a wall covered in ivy, it should have been an easy climb and yet the rogue failed numerous times, was this a sign of disfavour from the gods?

The party was taunted by the orc leader Pashnak Goblinthrottler who told them 'I have found what I came for' as he left having dug something up from the ruins of the border fort.

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