Chapter 2: Devils in the Dark

Adventure Date

17th-20th Kaldmont 1002

Adventure Location

Scaler's Point, Near Bronsdale, Darokin



With Don Pascal remaining in Bronsdale the companions are hired to find a missing boy who was sent to place an order with the fisher-folk of Scaler's Point.

On the way their they help a monk from Sind defeat three bugbears that were trying to rob him, In gratitude Quay-Zhi of the Sunshine Band agrees to join them in their mission. In his rage Kudan ran nimbly across the body of a dead bugbear to get to one who was running away.

On arrival at the hamlet they find it deserted and a grisly sight awaits them on the top floor of the inn, the gutted body of the innkeeper hanging from a rafter. The dead man's diary gives some clue to what happened.

Durgin learnt that heavily armoured dwarven clerics were not meant for climbing as he fell down a shaft dug by the troglodytes that had captured and killed the fisher-folk.

The heroes aided a nymph named Nimsumefel who lives in an underground lake and did what she could to aid the heroes.

The chief of the troglodytes named Fessh, a cleric of Bagni Gullimaw, escaped by jumping into a mouth shaped pit on the lowest levels of the cave complex.

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