Chapter 3: The Road to Haggash

Adventure Date

27th Kaldmont 1002 -7th Nuwmont 1003

Adventure Location

Haggash, Near Fort Fletcher, Darokin



The caravan was ready to depart now that it's crew had had a chance to recover and the Captain had bought the goods ordered by the people of Haggash and the soldiers of Fort Fletcher.

The journey through the hills and mountains were eventful, with attacks from a wild boar and it's lycanthropic parter, harpies soaring down from their mountain eerie and the strange spider like rhagodessa. The encounter with the were-boar could have turned very nasty but fortunately the companion's tough constitutions managed to fight off the effects before they too were turned into were-creatures.

The village of Haggash seemed to be populated by people who just wanted to get on with tier lives, apart from the innkeeper of 'The Traveller's Boon', nobody seemed to want to have anything to to with the caravan. Stranger stiill were the rumours of noises from the Morning Star Abbey, which turned out to be a group of kenku, bird like humanoids, who were excavating something in the cellar. They had somehow charmed the cleric, Dosol, into helping them. When the companions investigated they became engaged in a fight to the death with the spell-casting kenku and were lucky to come out on top. They found that their foe had been excavating a strange orb that healed all the wounds of those that touched it. After a few moments it vanished. When questioned, Guldor confessed he know something of this and that the orcs that captured him earlier were after a similar artefact. They are the 'Stars of Darkness and Light'.

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