Chapter 5: What a Notion

Adventure Date

14th Nuwmont 1003 -15th Nuwmont 1003

Adventure Location

Fort Fletcher, on the Darokin - Glantri border



Kudan is given an invitation to dinner with the Captain of the Fort shortly after the companions arrive with the rescued villagers. Kudan proudly showed off the letter, which he cannot read, to all and sundry as they progressed through the town towards the Hold where the captain lives.

They soon realised that something is up when they found a bloody hand jamming the front door and a magical barrier preventing them from leaving the Hold. Inside they fought their way to the top of the Hold rescuing a librarian on the way. They also encounter an invisible stalker who in return for a promise that they would kill his master or get the word of banishment from him gives them some magic items. They eventually found the entrance to the basement of the Hold beneath a statue. The basement contained many cells most of them empty from which the monsters they attacked on the upper floors must have come from. One cell is still occupied an Pippin and Quay-Zhi managed to communicate with the wyrmling inside using Quay-Zhi's ability to speak draconic and Pippin's potion of detect thoughts. The creature was held by some sort of spell which Durgin and Falamar could not break.

On the lowest floor of the Hold they finally met the captain but he is seemingly possessed. They manage after a long battle to free him from his possessor but whatever it was possesses each of the companions in turn, only Kudan being able to withstand the creature's mental attack. Eventually the unseen power vanished leaving the companions to explain to the badly injured captain what has happened. The captain gives the PCs the wand he had found and was using to free the creatures in the cells, which they then used to free the dragon.

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