Chapter 6: A Day at the Races

Adventure Date

17th Nuwmont 1003

Adventure Location

The Gnomish village of Ghiarathor



The PCs are invited by Guldor to attend the races at the gnomish village of Ghiarathor. The gnomes don't use horses or dogs, instead the race highly trained giant beetles. The village is decked out in bright bunting and the gnomes welcome outsiders who may watch but not partake in the events.

Gambling however is allowed and Guldor uses Falamar's animal knowledge to select the best beasts in each race while Pippin talks with the jockeys. It doesn't take long for the PCs to notice that the best Ki'os are not winning as often as they should and their attention is drawn to a fat merchant by the name of Vajj and his four henchmen. After everyone hears the tolling of an iron bell and one of the Ki'os goes mad and breaks a leg everything goes down hill. The PCs notice that the dead beast has been drugged with the gnomish brew called Tripsy. Kudan finds out that someone had bought a bucket of the stuff, Maeris, one of the gnomish jockeys. He confesses that he has to win the final race, The Forest Cup, to claim the hand of his love. However Vajj has been threatening the jockeys to fix the races. When all the Ki'os in the final race, apart from Maeris' Vajj and his henchmen try to stop the race. In the turmoil Maeris wins while Vajj runs into the forest tailed by Kudan and Quay-Zhi as the others deal with the merchant's henchmen. Kudan was almost fooled when confronted by what he thought was a centaur. However he bluffed Vajj into revealing himself and the merchant was killed.

The gnomes have now banned outsiders from the races and Maeris has been forced to spend a year mucking out the giant beetles.

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