Chapter 7: Library Fines

Adventure Date

19th Nuwmont 1003

Adventure Location

Glantri, north of the village of Assusia



Kudan had a point of wisdom restored after helping the clerics of the temple of The Twelve Watchers, to do this he had to re-fix a clapper to the temple bell. The belfry was home to a dust mephit and a nasty swarm of bats but Kudan's balance skill and strong right arm won the day.

On leaving Fort Fletcher for the small town of Assusia they happened upon a village that had been ruined by what appeared to be a black dragon. The bodies of the slain were under attack by dire creatures and the only survivor was besieged by a hideous undead creature, a mohrg. The companions rescued the woman and took her to Assusia. Here they were tasked by the captain to take some scrolls to a bookseller who in turn asked them take them to a ancient elf by the name of Zurbaran.

While there Pippin stole a scroll.

On the way to the tower Falamar and Durgin gave a burial to a nature cleric who had been put on a gibbet. They were also attacked by orcs of the same clan that they had met outside Bronsdale. This time they were victorious, killing the shaman and the deputy leader.

The books and scrolls were delivered successfully and they were rewarded with some potions by Zurbaran and were given information by the former owner of the tower in Fort Fletcher.

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