Chapter 8: A Glantrian Interlude

Part a: Guldor Falls Sick

Scene i: The Web Of Death

Adventure Date

20-22th Nuwmont 1003

Adventure Location

The Silver Sierras, Glantri



While the PCs are away with Zurbaran, Guldor the elven bard falls sik with a fearsome disease known as Nulvayahar. The companions seek out the bookseller and the alchemist in Assusia and discover the the disease can be cured but they need three items; moon-flowers, water from the root of the mountain and glow mould.

They set off into the dark and forbidding Blackmoss forest and soon are trapped in the webs of an ettercap lair. They have to fight off the hideous spider-like creatures and their corrupted experiments including a spider some 6 paces across! The webs and the climbing through tunnels and chutes proved difficult for Durgin who spent much of his time plummeting, but without him the party would have been killed. Kudan, Falamar and Quay-Zhi all were afflicted with a strange weakness brought on by the spider's poison and this hampered their attacks. Eventually they conquered the beasts and returned to the alchemist with six moon-flowers.

All the while the combat with the ettercaps was taking place an iron bell was tolling.

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