Chapter 8: A Glantrian Interlude

Part a: Guldor Falls Sick

Scene ii: The Caves of Argent Tor

Adventure Date

20-22nd Nuwmont 1003

Adventure Location

The Silver Sierras, Glantri



Still searching for the components of the cure for Guldor's sickness the companions head back into the Silver Sierras. They find the cave is guarded by a Cloud Giant who asks them three riddles, which they solve with little fuss. The cave complex is occupied by Derro, a hostile dwarf/human hybrid armed with repeating crossbows tipped with foul poison. After overcoming strength draining shadows as well as the constitution draining poison (not to mention Quay-Zhi's self inflicted loss of an ear (don't ask)) Durgin finds a way into the lower level and bypasses a nasty trap using his stone based magics.

The lower levels show an unusually high level of construction that age has not treated kindly. More Derro and their monstrous familiars attack the companions until, overwhelmed in a corridor of flooded rooms they are rescued by a group of Deep Dwarves led by a brave dwarf mage named Sigul. He and two other dwarves hold the creatures at bay while a fourth dwarf, a cleric of Terra named Gandal leads the PCs to the king of the dwarves.

The king tells the companions of a magical fountain, the water of which is poisonous to the dwarves but heals humans, elves and halflings. To Derro it is a powerful intoxicant that gives them unearthly strength and speed. A war has been raging through the kingdom for generations and the derro have been pushing the dwarves back until now it seems they have found the fountain and are seeking the water. In return for destroying the fountain, the king will tell the companions where it is and will allow them to take some of the water away to help heal Guldor.

The companions pass through chambers of carvings, past thrumming machineary and a lonely crypt keeper until the arive at the fountain, led by the untalkative dwarf, Bolard. The fountain is housed in a huge natural geode and a group of derro led by an orc shaman of Karaash is trying to break in aided by a summoned thoqqa. A long and bloody battle ensues with several heroes getting wounded near to death. Eventually Durgin manages to smash his way into the fountain chamber. At the centre is a huge crystal in the form of a hammer. After taking some of the water Durgin taps the crystal hammer and it shatters into shards.

The king arrives shortly afterwards with his two sons and thanks the companions, the derro are fleeing back into the depths of the caves leaving the city free for the dwarves to reconstruct it.

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