Chapter 8: A Glantrian Interlude

Part a: Guldor Falls Sick:

Scene iii: The Ruined Temple Of Rad

Adventure Date:

28th Nuwmont to 1st Vatermont 1003

Adventure Location:

The Silver Sierras: Glantri



The final component of the cure for Guldor's disease is said to reside amongst the remains of a ruined temple to Rad, Immortal patron of Glantri itself. The weather around the temple was strange, localised storms and strong winds controlled so it seemed by a corrupted dryad druid that tried to prevent the companions from entering the temple. Attacks from dire creatures and strange plants slowed but did not halt the PCs as they solved the puzzle key that held the door against them. Inside they were attacked by undead orcs of the same clan as Pashnak and gelatinous ooze scoured the corridors but both were dispatched with ease. They fortuitiously found a secret door in the chamber occupied by the former head priest. Leaving Muffin the mule behind the descended into the lower area. Here they found trapped doors, dead orcs and finally a chaos beast in a huge chamber dominated by a large stone altar with a number of rods protruding from it. In an adjacent room they discover a strange room with numbered dials on the wall. Pippin tried but failed to get it to do anything other than issue cryptic messages.

On their return to the surface they find that Muffin has been corrupted by the same forces that they felt acting on them but the poor beast was unable to resist and had become a chaos beast like the one in the chamber below. After a final battle with the dryad and realising the evil nature of the temple they used the rods in the altar to destroy it and the corrupted forest around it before returning home with the mould scraped from the chamber walls.

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