Chapter 8: A Glantrian Interlude

Part b: The Drugs Don't Work

Adventure Date

3rd Vatermont - 5th Vatermont

Adventure Location

Assusia Principality of Glantri



On their return with the Moon-Weed flowers, the Glow-Mould and the water from the root of the mountains Rudolf Meza the alchemist brewed the potion.
After a couple of days the alchemist returned with bad news, although the elixir has halted the progress of the disease it hasn't cured it.

“While you were away he came by to say that he found somewhere that elves go to be cured of Nulvayahar. It’s a bit of a trek but Guldor should be able to be moved once he takes a dose of the elixir. Faustino, the bookseller, said go and see him after you have finished here.”

Once the PCs visit Faustino the old bookseller drags a large leather bound tome onto a table and opens it at a marked page. “I found a reference to Nulvayaharan, which is old Elvish for ‘The Place of Broken Dreams’. To much of a coincidence I thought so I looked around some more and it seems an order of hospitalers have set up a sanctuary to treat elves with this condition. If you can get there they should be able to cure your friend. From the fragments of evidence that I have found it may be hard to find. They have set themselves up in an out of the way place, to stop the spread of disease I assume. According to the fragmentary texts I have found you need to climb through the mountains to what either translates as ‘The Haunted Gateway’ or ‘The Last Guardian.’ The parchment was much damaged and completely fell apart as I was translating it. I’ve managed to place it on a map.”

With that the PCs headed off to the location on the map.

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