Chapter 8: A Glantrian Interlude

Part c: The Last Defender

Adventure Date

6th - 10th Vatermont

Adventure Location

Genmarr Pass Glantri



The companions set off through the mountains towards the fabled city of Nulvayaharan. As they travelled through the snow covered mountains they encountered yetis, worgs, skeletons and a huecuva which they fought off bravely.

Later they found the body of a hippogriff and its rider in a shallow gully being scavenged by wolves which the companions drove off. From the few, large black scales and the huge rending wounds on the body it appears it had been brought down and killed by a black dragon. Who the rider was and where he was headed they couldn't discover.

On the final day of the journey, on a twisty section of track winding through the mountains they encountered a behir attacking a merchant caravan. Once the creature had been dispatched two figures dragged themselves from beneath the overturned wagon who introduced themselves as Hodge and Horrusk and from the symbols on the wagon and their clothes they work for Franich House. They said that they would guard the wagons until the PCs returned but it was obvious from their shifty nature they were lying and the companions chased them off.

Not much further along the trail the way is blocked by the Last Gateway, a pair of towers and a solid iron portcullis. Shadowy figures atop the walls fire crossbows at the companions as they try to enter. With the walls too steep to climb and no cover from which to attack the defenders Falamar used a rusting grasp scroll to destroy enough of the portcullis to allow entry into the tunnel through the wall.

More shadow fighters were encountered on the far side. They were led by a figure of a hulking human in archaic armour wielding a massive battleaxe. “You shall pay for your trespass!” it intones with a hollow metallic voice. “Be gone! We shall defend the pass to the last! Look now, as our fallen rise for battle! You are doomed! DOOMED!”

This, they determined, a Guardian Spectre the vestiges of Captain Renik Ghent who is cursed to remain here, guarding the pass until he is relieved but those orders never came. After a trying battle he was destroyed but his spirit would return to guard the pass until somehow someone would return bearing written orders from the original baron’s descendants, relieving the Captain of his command, thereby absolving the spirit of his duty to defend Genmarr Pass.

Once beyond the far gateway the companions travelled on towards Nulvayaharan.

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