Chapter 8: A Glantrian Interlude

Part d: The Place of Broken Dreams

Adventure Date

11th Vatermont

Adventure Location

Nulvayaharan Glantri



Arrival at the Monastery

Climbing back up from the pass guarded by theLast Defender the companions emerged onto a plateau and in the distance can see a building which appears to be the elven monastery of Nulvayaharan. Two weathered stone pillars form a gateway and they are marked with elvish characters and symbols. The characters spell out Nulvayaharan while the symbols are those for Eiryndul (a smiling mouth), Illsundul (a tree) and Mealiden (a rainbow) the elvish triumvirate.

After being attacked by an orc raiding party they are met by a group of haughty elves on horseback who offer to escort the party back to the monastery. They also mention that they have been chasing down an elven thief, who is also suffering from Nulvayahar that has made off with certain treasures that is hampering the clerics ability to provide cures for the disease.

When the companions arrive the abbot, Corethar Veritharnyn, tells them that without the missing items all those in his care will die and sends the companions off to hunt down the thief. He believes that she has hidden in one of the many small tombs that litter the plateau, left overs from an older time.

The Tombs

After exploring a number of false tombs the companions finally found the one that the thief had hidden in. After number of trials and puzzles and a trek down steep and winding stairs the companions reached the temple of the Three Gods where the body of the thief is lying before three large statues of the elven gods. The companions completed what the thief had been trying to do and placed the circlet of birch leaves on Eiryndul's brow, the staff on Mealiden's hand and the book in the hands of Illsundul.

A kindly, but stern, voice intones.

“The nightmare has ended, thank you children for your acts in turning back, at least for a while the tide of night. The curse has been lifted, the hospitallers thought they were doing good, but their use of the Panoply of the Forest was perpetuation the disease. The light will prevail for at least a little while but unless you can find the Stars and make them safe, Nightfall will come and darkness will win out.”

Back at the Monastery

On their return the abbot tells the companions that the sick have miraculously been healed thanks to their actions.
With that

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