Chapter 9: Return to Darokin

Part a: Floating Necromancers

Adventure Date

16th Vatermont

Adventure Location

Helmsley, Darokin



The companions enter the village of Helmsley and find it deserted. They find a few bodies, bloated and swarming with flies. They also find the body of a grell, pierced by many arrows. They enter the largest building, the Orchard Inn, and find several petrified figures standing in awkward poses along with some that have fallen over and shattered. All the 'statues' have an iron nail hammered into the back of the skull. Hiding in the cellar is the innkeeper and several frightened children.

“At last! We have been down here for what must have been a week; we were not strong enough to open the trapdoor.” The old man stammers shaking the nearest PC by the hand. “We were attacked, first by strange floating creatures, they carried some of us away, but we drove them off, thanks to Pascal, Juan and some guards from Bronsdale. Then the blind grey skinned ones came. We barricaded ourselves in the inn; I took the last of the young ones down here for safety in case they tried to burn us out. Pascal had taken those that wanted to leave back to Bronsdale. Then there was a fight upstairs, I assume as I heard a table going over then nothing, nothing but an awful hammering, a hammering of metal on stone.”

The PCs escorted the refugees to Bronsdale where they are told that Pascal and Juan are out hunting, searching for the rest of the grell and whatever petrified the villagers.

The PCs returned to the area and find the grell lair. They encounter more of the strange floating creatures and a number of undead, including ogre zombies, gargoyles, scrag zombies, wraiths and finally the leader of the grell, a powerful necromancer.

The grell are armed with strange metal tubes that fire bolts of electrical energy, Lightning Lances. They are attuned to the grell but Pippin manages to work out how to use them and collects a few for later use.

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