Chapter 12: The Black Sands of Razak's Rock

Adventure Date

3rd- 5th Thaumont

Adventure Location

Razak's Rock, Lake Amsorak, Darokin



The Companions are in Bronsdale and are approached by an independent merchant named Iain Reddison who has had an order for 16 barrels of the rare black sands that come from Razak’s Rock. He can find a ship and crew to go to the island but they will only go if they sign on as guards. The ship will then sail south to Fort Anselbury and then by caravan to Port Tenobar via the town of Elstrich. From Port Tenobar the PCs will get further instructions.

On the way they encountered a devil who warned them from straying too close to Itheldown Island. “I come with a warning; do not approach the island known to you as Itheldown. To do so will bring sorrow and death to you all.” It calls down in a booming voice distorted by the long curved fangs that fill its mouth. “Stay on your course; take what you need from Razak’s Rock but do not come to Itheldown.”

On the island the companions climbed to the summit of the peak at the centre to keep watch, here they found an old ruined watchtower with stairs which led down into the core of the island. Here they found a strange series of rooms and flooded caves which contained a strange construction, a combination of dragon turtle and iron gargoyle that was being prepared for an invasion.

The companions destroyed the construct and returned to the surface in time to load the boat with the barrels of sand for the rest of the journey across the lake.

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