Chapter 13: Waiting for the Woodland Weaver

Part a: Arrival in Fort Anselbury

Adventure Date

5th-6th Thaumont

Adventure Location

Lake Amsorak, Forth Anselbury, Darokin



The morning after the ship departs Razak's Rock the captain shows the companions a scroll. “Our employer has powerful friends it seems.” He puts the scroll on the table. “This popped out of thin air in my cabin this morning. I assume it contains the details of your contacts.”

Unrolling the scroll, sealed with rose-coloured wax, reveals a short note.

“Friends, I did not tell you who your contacts were before you left, I was fearful of being overheard. The shipment is valuable and others may wish to lighten your load by fair means or foul before my customer receives his goods. When you get to Fort Anselbury ask for Arnos Grove. He is the captain of the Woodland Weaver, a sturdy keel-boat that will take you all the way to Port Tenobar. I will send you another note when you arrive in Port Tenobar. May you have fair winds, Iain.”

Soon after the ship was attacked by a pirate vessel which was dispatched, Falamar transforming himself into a giant squid to attack the ship after trapping it in a depression in the water.

On arrival in Fort Anselbury the next day they spent some time trading; selling unwanted items and commissioning new weapons and armour. These would take some days to construct and they decided to spend some time in the town surrounding the fort.

They met a soldier with a strange medallion who had caught a rash in the Malpheggi Swamps while fighting the lizard-folk.

The next day they witnessed a group of rogues being captured, spoke with a mad beggar in the market and saw a group of clerics recruiting for the Church of Balthac.

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